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About Wildtimes

Wildtimes is a next-generation media collective.

Our mission is to make sense of our changing world, one conversation at a time.

If you have a story that you think would add value to our publication, please follow the submission guidelines below.

What We Are Looking For

Wildtimes is looking for features, interviews, op-ed’s, how to’s, essays, exposés, and book excerpts that in some way address this wild time we are currently living in.

We broadly focus on the following categories:

» Culture
» Relationships
» Tech
» Politics
» Health
» Spirituality

Here are some example topic ideas we dig, but we also encourage you to get creative and shoot your best shot on whatever it is you are passionate about:

» Cultural analysis/critiques
» Anything on how to become more self-sufficient/sovereign (versus dependent on the toxic systems/governments that are clearly failing us)
» How to build stronger communities
» Future trends in any topic
» How to improve our lives and relationships, and generally be a better person
» Survival skill/preparing for a weird future education of any kind
» Back to basics, old ways, things our grandparents knew
» How to spiritually master our lives
» Natural health remedies, recipes
» Thought-provoking literary essays (creative non-fiction only)

What We Are Not Looking For

» Click bait with no substance
» Advertorials for your business (please inquire about our advertising packages)

The Finer Details

Word count: We aren’t strict on word count, say what you need to say in the amount of words you need to say it. We do, of course, reserve the right to edit.

Rights: First nonexclusive electronic rights; reprint rights in very cool cases

Byline: Yes + bio with link to your website/social

Payment: We are a startup, and that means we operate with startup funds. Still, we believe in creative work and so pay what we can for work from freelance writers (as apposed to submissions from publicists, which we do not pay for but will consider for publication). If you like what we stand for and you’d like to help us pay more writers, consider leaving us a donation to help keep Wildtimes running.

Audience: Free, open-minded thinkers; visionaries & revolutionaries; culture weavers; storytellers; intellectually curious; wholehearted

Deadline: None. Ongoing submissions.

Format: Include your article within the body of the email, not as an attachment. Do not attach pictures; we will ask for any desired pictures if your article is accepted. It’s ok to send article pitches as well as completed articles. If sending a pitch, tell us why you are the person to write it and link to any writing clips you might have.

Acceptance/Rejection: We are sadly too busy to respond to every query. If an editor has not contacted you within two weeks of your submission, then we have decided not to use your article at this time. Thank you for submitting it, and we encourage you to pitch again in the future.

Submission: Send your articles to and put “PITCH: Your Article Title Here” in the subject line.

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