Ep 3: Are You ConCERNed Yet?

Ready to take a deep dive? My guest this week is renowned mystic Sarah Livesey, and her and I have a frank talk about all that’s going down *now* on the world stage (re: Georgia Guidestones take down, Sri Lanka revolution, Boris Johnson resignation, farmer protests, food + fuel shortages, the evolving collective consciousness, and of course, CERN) as well as what’s potentially coming down the line. This is a *real* talk, but hopefully an uplifting and therapeutic one as well.

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About The Guest

Sarah Livesey is an internationally acclaimed mystic, psychic, healer, and teacher. Sarah has been working with individuals and groups for many years, and has a phenomenal ability to walk with a person on their voyage of self discovery. With a Diploma in Metaphysics and trained personally by Dr Caroline Myss at the CMED Institute in Chicago, Sarah is renowned for her accuracy in reading the psyche, combines this work with her extensive knowledge of astrology and the energy fields of the body.

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This episode brought to you by Andrea Donnelly, Julie Ryan, and Alyse Bacine!

Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly is a Spiritual Mentor, Quantum Energy Healer, and founder of We Are Here 2 Remember—a community that helps usher in a new way of living in harmony as we move into the Golden Age. Using light language, energy healing, the Akashic Records and channeled messages, Andrea helps you remove intergenerational trauma, illness, and fears, aligning you with your highest possible timeline.

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Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan is a business woman and inventor who, as she puts it, “learned how to do woo woo” more than 25 years ago. Now as a profound medical intuitive and psychic who offers a “buffet of psychicness” to her clients, she teaches others how to do the woo, too! She is an author and the host of the Ask Julie Ryan weekly radio show. She has just launched a new, highly affordable self-paced course called Angels and Enlightenment training where you will learn to communicate with spirit, develop and validate your intuition, and identify the 12 phases of transition.

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Alyse Bacine

Alyse Bacine is a leading Spiritual Mentor, Breathwork Practitioner, and the CEO of Alyse Breathes on a mission to help women quickly get to their next-level selves without trauma playing a role in their highest potential. Alyse’s mentorship programs are deeply rooted in healing familial, ancestral, and transgenerational programming, so that women can navigate wealth, partnership, life and their intuition with grace, and on a quantum level. She has been featured in prestigious publications like NYLON, Thrive Global, Medium, SheKnows and Yahoo and hosts her podcast Reclaiming Consciousness where she interviews top thought leaders in the spirituality and self-development spaces.

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