July 2022 Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes

July 2022 Capricorn Full Moon Horoscopes

This month’s full moon offers a “get real with yourself” kind of vibe

Full Moon in Capricorn (July 13th, 2022, 1:37pm ET, at 21°21’ Capricorn)

I’m picking up on a “get real with yourself” kind of vibe from this full moon. Although the sign of Capricorn is at its center, it’s also a confluence of multiple other energies. The asteroid Juno is involved, bringing themes of jealousy, fidelity, and attachment into the picture. The nodes are also in a direct alignment, meaning there are past life dynamics coming up. Mercury and Ceres are hanging out with the Sun in Cancer, and the Moon in Capricorn itself is just six degrees away from Pluto. So you might notice seemingly unrelated issues surfacing simultaneously as this full moon peaks. It’s actually a good time for tough decisions and bold action. Capricorn knows how to take in complicated scenarios, make a practical plan, and carry it out.

One of the aspects I find interesting in the full moon chart is Pluto in Capricorn opposite Ceres in Cancer. Pluto and Ceres have an important mythological overlap: Ceres (better known by her Greek name, Demeter) is the goddess whose daughter (Prosperina/Persephone) is kidnapped by Pluto (Hades in Greek) to the underworld. The Moon and the Sun are just a few degrees away from Pluto and Ceres, respectively. So there’s a big dichotomy being stressed here: we may feel two parts of ourselves that want entirely different things. Maybe you have deep emotional enmeshment (Cancer) with someone you also have power struggles with (Pluto in Capricorn). Maybe you are torn between sentiment for dreams of the past and the knowledge that systems are crumbling and things are changing fast. Maybe you have no idea whether to feel hopeful or hopeless right now.

At the end of their story, Hades and Demeter come to a grudging agreement, and Persephone begins a new life split between the Earth world and the underworld—but not before grief, rage, destruction, and betrayal all make appearances in the myth. Don’t be surprised if some real dark energies show up collectively right around now, and keep a sharp eye on your own shadow tendencies. Ultimately this is a huge integration moment. Once it passes, we can all move forward with a more whole sense of self.

Check your rising sign below for how this full moon might affect you! If you don’t know your rising sign, your Sun sign should resonate too.


ARIESAlthough the full moon takes place in a very public area of your chart, your private life is also being highlighted right now. The Sun, Mercury, Lilith, and Ceres in Cancer are bringing a lot of attention to your sense of “home,” how you create safety and nourishment for yourself, and how you reckon with energies of your family of origin. There are questions about worthiness, enmeshment, and security coming up. Because of the north node in Taurus, which trines the full moon, you’re also being called to step up into greater ownership over the part of your chart that is about money, resources, and financial self-sufficiency. So: you might experience a professional peak around now, and you might also be aware that it’s part of some bigger, less visible lessons you’re moving through. When you’re working with a sense of mission, you can be ruthless about pushing things forward. But there are softer parts of you too—let them keep you in balance even as you’re making big moves, now and always.


TAURUSFirst off, if you’re a Taurus rising, no matter what the rest of your chart says, you’re in a threshold phase of your life. And July is huge for you, because the north node and Uranus will be conjunct in Taurus at the very end of the month, accentuating a process that’s been happening since 2018. Depending on your rising degree, and whether or not Uranus has crossed your ascendant, this revolutionary shift may or may not be visible in your life—but if you can’t see it yet, it’s coming. I say all this because the full moon highlights your Capricorn ninth house, a part of yourself that tends to be conservative around what it believes is “possible.” You may be finding that your very own personality no longer fits with some of the belief systems, dogmas, or approaches to life that have supported you in the past. Maybe, just maybe, you have been clinging to them out of a desire for predictability and comfort, something your Taurus self desires deeply but, since we’re human, can’t always have. Use this full moon to take an honest look at where your own experience is pushing against the limitations of whatever it is that you still really want to believe.


GEMINIThis full moon highlights an area of your life that requires careful treading: your collaborations and your closest partnerships. With Capricorn in your eighth house, you can be a reliable, pragmatic, duty-bound partner—or, you can be a cold arbitrator, making unilateral decisions in your relationships and losing sight of everyone’s humanity, including your own. While you tend to be sentimental around your personal resources and possessions (Cancer in the second house), you may find that you approach shared resources with a lot more frugality (for example, buying gourmet food for yourself but not wanting to invest in a new couch with your roommates). Is this dichotomy up for you right now? What emotions are surfacing in your closest connections, and what are the root issues? The opposition between Pluto and Ceres mentioned in the overview is extra-relevant for you, bringing up generational patterns of hurt, betrayal, and manipulation. Keep this in mind as you ride out any heightened emotions.


GEMINIIt might sound counterintuitive, but Cancer risings are very independent people. Your Aries tenth house (career) and Leo second house (money/resources) are two areas where you might often assert yourself in fiery ways. And then there’s Capricorn on your descendant, where this full moon is highlighting the way you do partnership and relationship. You do it with strategy, intention, reliability; you like your close relationships to have structure and definition; you might, if you’re honest with yourself, sometimes get a little emotionally manipulative to keep your connections under “control.” That’s the Capricorn shadow that we all have to work with. When you’re healthy, though, you feel so sovereign in the divine feminine wholeness of Cancer that there’s no need to micromanage the other people in your life. The full moon could bring some relationship issues to a peak, so stay humble, grounded, and ready to learn whatever lesson spirit is offering. Remember, every bit of energy you spend trying to control someone else’s behavior is really just power you’re giving away.


LEOYou are probably someone who takes your work seriously! You might have trouble understanding how other people get anything done without to-do lists, time-blocking, and several keep-track-of-your-life apps. Routines, plans, goals and projects make sense to you. Work for the sake of work feels terrible, though—you’ve got to also have space for ambition, some sense of a ladder to climb towards the next peak of achievement. The full moon is highlighting the part of your chart that’s about your daily habits, the way you’re taking care of yourself, and the foundational patterns you’re creating in your life, consciously and unconsciously. The north node in Taurus, transiting your tenth house, is a strong call to step it up professionally, and for some Leo rising folks the full moon will feel like affirmation that you can carry the load. For others, it might shine light on some places where you’ve stumbled in your self-care, or where you need to develop new routines. With the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, and Lilith all in your 12th house, you’ve got a lot of guidance and protection coming through right now, so be sure to add meditation, journaling, and daydreaming into your daily plan.


VIRGOIt’s okay to admit that it’s hard for you to let your guard down. It’s not that you don’t want to open up, connect, surrender, play, get in the zone, but there’s a reservedness that’s natural to Virgo rising, and one of the reasons is your Capricorn fifth house. This area of the chart/life includes play, creativity, pleasure, risk-taking, vulnerability, and your relationship to children, among other themes. Capricorn isn’t exactly a natural fit, since it tends to prefer structure, predictability, and linear progress. But how we should really say it is: it’s hard for you to let your guard down if circumstances aren’t exactly right. You need to feel grounded and intentional before you let loose, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you honor the need. The full moon is bringing your creativity to the forefront, but it’s up to you to channel the energy. How do you want to handle it? A martial arts class? Writing poetry? A glass-blowing workshop? Intentional sexuality? With this placement you might be the kind of person who resists learning new skills because you don’t want to go through the phase of being bad at something. This full moon could actually be the perfect moment to step out of your comfort zone.


LibraThe whole mess of planets that are part of this full moon are activating your fourth and tenth houses, the axis in your chart that describes the balance between your public and private lives. Patterns and emotions related to childhood, your family of origin, or your ancestry could be coming alive right now. There may be a sensation of your root being shaken, or even uprooted (longer-term, with Pluto moving through this part of your chart, a lot of Libra rising folks might experience actual uprooting—i.e., having to move). At the same time, if you’ve built a solid foundation for yourself, the full moon might be an experience that affirms your accomplishments. This is a great time for ancestral ceremony, inner child work, or arranging your living space to make it just a little more perfect. The Sun, Mercury, Ceres, and Lilith at the top of your chart might be generating some excitement about your professional life and/or mission. For better or worse, where you came from is always a factor in where you’re going, so take a moment to honor the groundwork you’ve done so far in this life.


SCORPIOOne thing that I like to say about Scorpio is that “it’s not here for small talk.” This is true of Scorpio in general, but if you’re a Scorpio rising with Capricorn in your third house, it’s doubly true for you. Your communication style is practical, structured, and deliberate. Conversations with you get right down to business; you take things seriously and you don’t mince words. Some might call you cynical or a buzzkill, but, as a Scorpio rising myself, I think you’re just being realistic. The full moon is bringing awareness to the area of your life that relates to communication as well as your local community and “inner circle.” How’s it going there for you? Do you have what you need? Are you speaking your truth? Do you feel supported in this seeming apocalypse? Since Pluto is slowly transiting this area, it’s not surprising if you actually don’t feel supported. Maybe you are picking up the pieces of something, a structure that fell apart over the past few years. Maybe you’re already in the rebirth phase, but still uncertain what you really want. Allow the full moon to reveal exactly where you are in the process, and what you need in order to feel anchored in your communities and communications.


SAGITTARIUSCapricorn is an earth sign that likes to build. It likes to create structures that are long-lasting and reliable, whether those are physical or organizational. With Capricorn in the second house, these energies apply to your finances—and unless there’s a negative aspect, folks with this placement are usually financially solid. But as you may know, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has been transiting this area of your chart for a long time, which means that real accumulation of resources and money may have been hard for you recently. It reminds me of the story of the Tibetan siddha Milarepa, whose teacher led him to enlightenment by instructing him to build a massive tower of rock, then knocking it down when Milarepa finished, and instructing him to build another, repeatedly. Each rock tower took Milarepa years to create. Have you been working to build something in the realm of finances or assets the past several years, only to have it knocked down by the universe, perhaps multiple times? I think this is the long-term experience of Pluto in Capricorn for everyone, but it might be particularly visible for you, because of its placement in your chart. So it may feel like this full moon is highlighting a void. That’s okay. A lot of teachers would say that the void is where you find enlightenment.


CAPRICORNIt’s usually only once a year that you get a full moon in your first house, so this is an auspicious time for you, and a time that your Capricorn energy is coming to the forefront of your experience. Do you like this part of yourself? How well do you know it? Some Capricorn traits that might describe you are: hard working, practical, reliable, grounded, action-oriented but also good at planning, organized, sturdy, determined. Some shadow Capricorn characteristics include rigidity, conformity, trouble with changes and spontaneity, and a need to control. How much you identify with Capricorn really depends on the other placements in your chart. But during this full moon, this part of yourself will be harder to miss. You’re a powerful, effective person, and now is a good time to celebrate it. The Sun, Mercury, Ceres, and Lilith are across the chart in your house of partnership and other close connections, and I hope that energy leaves you feeling loved and witnessed. There’s a message for you here about sovereignty: you only truly have yours when you allow the people around you to have theirs.


AQUARIUSThis month’s full moon happens in your twelfth house, an area of the chart that’s a little hard to grasp, and that traditionally has some not-so-positive associations, like prisons, hospitals, and asylums. But really the twelfth house is the space associated with any experience that’s beyond daily, mundane, earthly life. Prisons, hospitals, and asylums are places where people are “put away;” the twelfth house is also about when we “leave” 3D conscious reality, whether through trance, psychedelics, meditation, or a well-written fantasy novel. And it’s the infinitude of the universe, a doorway in the chart to all the dimensions and worlds beyond—so a full moon here is a huge blessing. The transit of the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, and Lilith in your sixth house is an invitation to do your own ritual, maybe using food and/or water, to allow thae blessing in. Regular ritual is the throughline between the daily routines of the sixth house and the magic of the twelfth, so let this be a time of building bridges and establishing respect with the spirit world.


PiscesThere’s a lot of cultural baggage associated with the word “tribe,” but I find myself wanting to use it to describe the eleventh house. We don’t have another English word that quite gets at the same concept: a group of people connected by common narratives, interests, and intentions, even if their lives are not all interpersonally intertwined. This full moon is peaking in the part of your chart that relates to these wider circles. It’s not just your local community (although that part of your chart, the third house, is also being activated by the north node). The eleventh house is about networks more than personal connections, and actually, you might have experienced this area of life working out well for you—maybe you’ve been lucky in meeting folks with resources, or power, or who become your teacher in one way or another. Over this month’s full moon, you may want to lean into the question of: who are your people? What shared values and intentions and modes of organization are important to you? The internet gives us a shallow, parasocial version of “tribe,” but we all want more than that. This is a good time to get honest with yourself about where you fit into the bigger picture, and what picture you really want to be a part of.

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