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How to Clear Trauma and Achieve Quantum Results

How to Clear Trauma and Achieve Quantum Results

A step by step guide to confronting, clearing, and upgrading your reality

As a childhood development expert with more than a decade of experience in the mental health field, I have had the opportunity to observe and witness the ways in which trauma affects us as children—and how it progresses into adulthood. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make along their life’s journey is not realizing that they even have trauma.

In reality, everyone has experienced trauma at some point in their life, big or small. Trauma is not some grandiose thing that only a few people have experienced. It’s something all of us have gone through—simply by just being human and living on this planet! It’s part of the gig here from the time we arrive. We take it on from our parents, who took it on from their parents, and so on—this is called ancestral trauma. Until we become conscious of it and intentionally clear it out, we can unknowingly continue this distressing cycle personally, which also influences the consciousness of the collective.

To me, trauma is defined as an experience you didn’t know how to process that was overwhelming to your senses and emotional body. Since you didn’t know how to process it, you automatically shut it down and stored it in your subconscious mind. When we shut down our emotions, it affects us in a variety of ways. Consequently, it can create a severing within our systems. This causes us to forget that we ever experienced this trauma in the first place. We end up compartmentalizing pieces of ourselves and hiding them from our awareness. This act is what creates our “shadows,” or the pieces of ourselves that we’re not willing to look at or admit exist. These shadows are eventually expressed through our reactions, perceptions, demeanors, and communication styles, which leads to the trauma patterns playing out in our everyday lives.

This is how trauma works. It lives inside of us, waiting to be noticed and felt, until we actually give it the space and attention it needs in order to transmute.

When we get triggered, we may be briefly reminded of the memories or uncomfortable emotions that we normally resist addressing. This causes us to react to a situation in a way that seems unwarranted, such as having an intense reaction to something that doesn’t seem serious to other people. This is how trauma works. It lives inside of us, waiting to be noticed and felt, until we actually give it the space and attention it needs in order to transmute.

The irony in this is that we spend so much time and energy ignoring our emotions in an effort to save ourselves from some kind of emotional pain or heartache, but it’s only once we finally allow ourselves to feel into our suppressed emotions when they can actually move through us and dissipate.

Once it catches up to us (and it always does!), trauma eventually affects our growth. If we don’t recognize our trauma patterns in our everyday lives, we’ll definitely see it surface when we, for example, want to start a business, follow through on a New Year’s Resolution, find a romantic partner, or make a big change. In other words: you can run, but you can’t hide.

While trauma is painful and challenging to confront, there are also immense opportunities for personal transformation. Are you ready to face your shadows head on? Here’s a step by step process to confronting, clearing, and upgrading your reality:

  1. Focus on a desire, then tell the universe what you want. A common example of this is desiring to leave your job and start a business that aligns with your heart and soul. If your desire is from your heart, the universe will always say yes! But first thing’s first: it will also immediately show you the trauma or “blocks” that you’ll need to face in order to get to the next level of your expansion.
  2. Learn how to discern what comes up. The confusing part of this process is how we perceive this interaction with the universe. It can feel like you’re coming up against roadblocks or that you’re stuck and just can’t do it. If we’re continuing with the entrepreneurship example, this may show up as having trouble securing your first client for your new business. Maybe you don’t have the capacity to hold space for a new client, so you’re unable to attract any into your field. This can bring all kinds of doubts and “I’m not good enoughs” to the surface. However, what’s really happening is that the universe is giving you an opportunity to make a massive shift in your life and clear trauma blockages, thus making yourself available for the manifestation of your desire.
  3. Feel it. Finally—and this is the hard part—you need to look at, face, and feel the tough emotions that arise. Feel the sadness, the fear, the rejection, the unworthiness, the feelings of not being good enough, the familial patterns that got you there in the first place, the social programming, and whatever it is that you’ve suppressed for so long! You must feel it. Fully. When you dislodge and move through those emotions consciously, intentionally, and with support, then your breakthrough happens and the magic and miracles begin to unfold.

On a larger scale, healing trauma is not only how you make massive shifts in your own life, it’s how we heal and change the world. And if the world has ever needed healing, it’s now. Everything we see happening on the world stage is a reflection of our collective trauma.

In the last two years, we’ve experienced collective trauma loud and clear on a massive scale. Whether we realize it or not, we are all affected by it and we all need to acknowledge it, feel it, and heal it within ourselves. This requires making healing and personal growth a priority, not only to change your own life to feeling happier and more aligned, but also to impact the energy of the entire human collective.

The way to shift the collective trauma begins with clearing our own, which then opens the door for others to clear theirs. Everyone who clears their trauma raises their energetic frequency. This has a massive positive effect on the frequency of the entire planet—and that’s exactly what the world needs now.

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Alyse Bacine

Alyse BacineAlyse Bacine is a Breathwork Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and the CEO of Alyse Breathes, LLC. She has her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and certifications in both Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness Practices, as well as an extensive background in the mental health field where she served as a school counselor for 10+ years and received a grant to implement Mindfulness to her school. Knowing that she always wanted to expand her mission of healing familial and ancestral trauma, and normalizing mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork practices, Alyse now helps high-achieving women that feel stuck in their wealth, partnership, psychic abilities, and/or trauma, transform their current realities to get to their next-level selves. Learn more at

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