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Hello, From The Other Side

Brazilian afterlife researcher Sonia Rinaldi captures voices and pictures from the afterlife

Somewhere in 1996 I developed a fear of death. I could not help but contemplate the nature of life and if there really could be an afterlife. I had a tough time falling asleep at night wondering if I would continue if my body did not. Thankfully, this fear led me on an incredible journey of discovery.

One of the most profound moments on my journey was taking a course in evidential mediumship. Using what I believed then to be my imagination, I was able to describe in detail a fellow student’s grandfather: I knew his name was Jan, that he was from Denmark, was a fisherman, and died of lung cancer. I also knew the color of his hair, his eyes and saw the big gap between his front teeth that was all confirmed by the recipient. She even understood the message about an apology he had for her mother—that he was too much of a tough father and never said the words, “I love you.” He regretted it and loves them both deeply.

As great as that initial experience was, I found I was incorrect as much as I was correct when I tried to be a medium. In time I learned that we all have the natural soul ability of mediumship, however it appears just like our imagination. I wanted more evidence, something real I could share with others.

Deceased loved ones can manipulate sounds within an electronic recording and change them into voices in order to communicate messages with us.

My investigation continued through both science and religion, and eventually to a class discovering the world of Electronic Voice Phenomena, also called EVP. I learned that deceased loved ones can manipulate sounds within an electronic recording and change them into voices in order to communicate messages with us.

Eventually I was able to get my very first EVP. One evening while sitting alone in a cabin, I recorded the sound of raindrops falling for only one minute. To my surprise when I played back the recording, I heard male and female voices say “Goodnight Sandra, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.”

I finally had the direct evidence I needed to spread the good word that the afterlife exists and my fears were rested completely. I recorded hundreds of hours of EVPs and kept in touch with the EVP class instructors Tom and Lisa Butler, authors of the book There is No Death and There are No Dead. I was invited to their afterlife weekend workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2006. It was there I first heard about Sonia Rinaldi.

Sonia Rinaldi Afterlife
A sampling of Sonia Rinaldi’s afterlife research phenomenon

During Tom Butler’s presentation about Electronic Voice Phenomena, he spoke about a woman in Brazil who was making ‘phone calls’ to the deceased. He explained that Sonia would invite grieving parents to her home and would sit them in her laboratory. She left an empty chair in the room and encouraged parents to talk to their child, as if they were sitting in that chair. Sonia played background sounds that could be manipulated into words. When the recordings were played, the children’s voices were heard talking to the parents and even answering their questions! This gave the parents so much comfort and faith that, although the children might not be visible to their eyes, they were very much alive.

Someday, somehow I hoped to meet Sonia and in September 2017 I did. By that time, my book We Don’t Die was published and Sonia and I were both invited to speak at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute’s (AREI) symposium in Arizona.

During Sonia’s presentation, she shared her research and the various experiments she was working on. She played many of the recorded voices and conversations from loved ones in the afterlife, but then she explained how she was now also receiving images!

I was so moved by her presentation that I knew I needed to meet Sonia and help share her work. We quickly became friends and I interviewed her several times on my podcast. Her recorded voices are wonderful but I felt that “seeing would be believing” and wanted to find a way to share her images.

In the Spring of 2019 I held my very first live event, called “We Don’t Die Boston” and invited Sonia to speak. Within two presentations, Sonia shared her history and current research and certainly amazed the audience, again giving hope and comfort to the bereaved. At that event, physical medium Scott Milligan presented Sonia with four small video projectors for an experiment she was eager to try, but she did not have the funds to purchase the necessary equipment.

Sonia enthusiastically returned to Brazil and the new “Milligan Experiment” was created. With the four projectors sending static within a clear egg-shaped plastic mold, Sonia filmed the egg. Upon watching the video, frame by frame within the minutes and seconds of the recording, clear faces would appear – some appearing three dimensional. Sonia was quick to share the good news as I continued my passion to share her!

My friend, Emmy Award winning film producer, Robert Lyon was an attendee of and filmed our future We Don’t Die conferences. Aligned in my vision, he knew we could combine forces and create a documentary film. Over the past three years and with the help of some generous donations from our community, Robert flew around the United States to film the stories of people who were reunited with their loved ones through Sonia’s work. He also flew to Brazil to film Sonia in her laboratory collecting the most amazing evidence of the afterlife. On February 22, 2022, we debuted the film Rinaldi: Instrumental Transcommunication to the Other Side, making Sonia’s work available to the world.

The film, which has already been chosen as part of the Life Beyond Life Film Festival in Torino, Italy, contains Sonia’s personal story and her passion for sharing the truth of the afterlife. We have interviewed experts who speak of the science behind the afterlife as well as many people who have been reunited through Sonia’s work. And yes, we most certainly share voices and the many images that have been collected through her mind-blowing work!

While Sonia continues to work daily in her Brazilian laboratory, we are hoping that the film excites people to carry on her legacy by performing their own research through instrumental transcommunication. The afterlife is very real, our loved ones are healthy and well. They are with us as we continue to live and we most certainly will be reunited with them.

Watch Rinaldi: Instrumental Transcommunication to the Other Side:

To follow the work of Sonia Rinaldi, join her Patreon membership, which helps to raise funds for her research.

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Sandra Champlain

Sandra ChamplainThe fear of dying led Sandra Champlain on a journey to find evidence of the afterlife. Twenty-five years later, she is the author of the #1 international best-selling book We Don’t Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death, host of We Don’t Die Radio and Shades of the Afterlife. Sandra hosts online conferences, workshops, and medium demonstrations, and is passionate about sharing the truth about the afterlife, easing the pain of grief, and helping all live powerful lives. Learn more at

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