June Full Moon Scopes

June 2022 Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes

If there were ever a literal full moon for wild times, this one might be it

Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 14th, 2022, 6:51am est)

If there were ever a literal full moon for wild times, this one might be it. It takes place at 23° Sagittarius, just a few degrees away from the super potent and visionary Galactic Center, and is squared by Neptune in Pisces. These energies are BIG, and not easily predicted or controlled. As we cross the peak of the full moon, you might feel like you are sailing through a storm and getting knocked off your center by the wind and waves. You might also have a mystical experience along the way.

The Galactic Center is the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. It changes location very slowly (about one degree every 72 years) and it’s currently located at 26-27° Sagittarius. It has a wide orb, and planets between 23-29° Sag (at least) can carry its vibes. People with personal planets conjunct the GC are often people who bring through larger than life energies (one example is Justin Timberlake, who has Neptune conjunct the Moon there).

Even more than the rest of Sagittarius, the GC is visionary, motivated, and spiritual. So the full moon here is already big on its own; then we add Neptune, squaring the Moon from Pisces. Neptune is also known as a visionary, spiritual influence, but the square indicates some conflict. Because Neptune and Pisces are both associated with substance abuse and other attempts to reach oblivion, and the full moon means that big, fiery emotions might surface, it’s a time for caution around escapism and addictive behaviors. Instead, get out the art supplies, or make a fire, or put on a fav album and sing as loud as you can. The more you deliberately channel this energy, the more likely you are to be back on track once the storm clears.

Find your rising sign below to read more on how these placements are impacting your natal chart!

Aries Rising

What is the meaning of life? And what is the purpose of yours? It’s a big question, unanswerable in words really, though as humans it’s also inevitable that we try. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself caught in some existential angst this full moon, which peaks in your 9th house. It’s the area of the chart where we engage the never-ending search for meaning, for expansion, for wisdom, for truth. Of course, some of the most universal wisdom and truths recognize the unresolvable nature of this search, but we can’t help ourselves—we keep going. This full moon may reveal to you a deep yearning for expansion of consciousness. International travel, higher education, psychedelic medicine, spiritual disciplines/dogmas, and learning new languages (all 9th house themes) are a few of the ways we do this. In my opinion, a spiritual or ontological foundation is super important for an Aries rising, because you need to be ready to spring into action at any moment, and you need to know which direction to go immediately. A strongly-held personal belief may be challenged around this time—your energy is like a flamethrower, so allow the experience of the full moon to teach you how to aim.

Taurus Rising

There are only a certain amount of people we can let into our most intimate realms—because building people into our lives takes time. The Taurus part of you knows this and is super okay with letting relationships unfold slowly, but the Sagittarius energy in your eighth house is much less patient. This full moon you might notice a surge of passion, and also a desire to have everything all at once. You probably love collaborations of all kinds, and the full moon could bring some exciting individuals into your life, inviting you to spring onto a new path of connection and discovery. But the square from Neptune indicates hidden conflict, possibly a contradiction in values or with another person’s associations—so I would recommend waiting at least a few days after the full moon to make any commitments. You’ve also got a lot of 12th house action right now, with Jupiter, Mars and Chiron all in Aries, so there’s something very personal happening to you that isn’t quite manifest yet. Mars moves through Taurus between July 5th and August 20th: expect some kind of reveal—at least of your own inner world—around that time.

Gemini Rising

An ideal partnership for Gemini rising is an adventurous one. Maybe it’s long-distance or nomadic; maybe you hit the trails or the ski slopes a lot; maybe you come from different cultures and widen each others’ consciousness by bringing seemingly incompatible lifestyles together. Or maybe you are adventurous in your style of relationship, exploring kink, ethical non-monogamy, or other non-mainstream approaches. Wherever you’re at in your journey, this full moon in your 7th house will highlight what you yearn for in partnership. If you haven’t found it yet, don’t be afraid to be honest, at least with yourself. Your standards are high: you crave authenticity, people who know who they are and aren’t afraid to show up fully to the table of intimate connection and commitment. Don’t be insulted when I say that this helps balance your Gemini nature/the fact that sometimes you can’t make up your mind. The full moon is a chance to lean into the type of love and connection you crave. If it’s manifest for you, let yourself bask in the experience. If it’s not, hold the many-layered truth of that is with as much love and compassion as you can.

Cancer Rising

You’ve got what they call a “good work ethic”—as long as you’re working for something you believe in. Unless it’s negatively aspected, your Sagittarius 6th house has enough energy to power through the long days of capitalism, expanding your energy body, bringing more opportunities into your life. Yet this potent frequency only kicks into gear when you know what you’re working for, and when it aligns with the big vision you have for the world. The 6th house is where we eat, rest, exercise and generally take care of ourselves, and it’s also the work we do, the way we apply ourselves on a daily basis. The full moon might ask you to push yourself a little harder than normal in this realm, which is an opportunity to check in: is this work turning you on? Is the cosmic fire lit? You’re at your healthiest when you’re active, and you probably find it much easier to be active when you feel connected with your life’s purpose. It’s possible that Neptune, moving slowly through your 9th house, has been causing confusion around that. Let the full moon reveal something to you, even if it’s just a momentary truth.

Leo Rising

The full moon happens in your 5th house, the area of the chart associated with play, pleasure, children and risk—and also associated with the sign of Leo. So this could be a moment when you feel in your element, fully able to express, be witnessed, and engage your creativity. Typically, folks with this placement are enthusiastic about life and love to explore and try new things, physically, mentally and emotionally. But this full moon could bring an overflow of that energy, which might result in impulsiveness, aggression, hard-to-control sexual urges, or if you’re suppressing it all, inflammation. If you have children in your life, the full moon could stir up your protective instincts along with your deep love; at the same time, you might feel the need to assert your independence. The square from Neptune in this lunation comes from the area of your chart that relates to your intimate connections and the folks you share resources with, including family, partners and business/creative collaborators. That means there might be something you’re not seeing, at least for the moment, so I would recommend waiting until a few days after this full moon to make any big decisions.

Virgo Rising

A Virgo rising friend once told me that she was afraid to go nomadic, even though her online business was doing well and she could easily have managed her life from the road, because she felt intuitively afraid that she would never make a home for herself again. Interestingly enough, Jack Kerouac (who wrote On The Road) is also a Virgo rising, and shares your 4th house placement of Sagittarius. So this is a challenge: your Virgo side is meticulous, and doesn’t like to surrender much control of its circumstances. But there is a part of you that doesn’t feel fully “home” except when you’re traveling, moving, exploring, expanding. (If you have a family of your own, you probably like to bring them with you). The full moon might make that desire extra-strong for a little while—you might notice a restlessness or a boredom that usually lurks in the background of your consciousness speaking more loudly. Sometimes 4th house transits bring up memories and patterning from childhood, so if there’s any connection between your family of origin and your yearning to “live large” now, the next few days could offer some insight. Many folks with Sag in the 4th were raised with some kind of religious dogma. That means a lifelong process of healing and deconditioning, and it doesn’t surprise me that claiming a certain independence of movement is part of breaking free.

Libra Rising

Maybe you’ve heard before that people find you approachable. Not only are your Libra vibes balanced, open, and probably aesthetically pleasing—you also have Sagittarius in your 3rd house, related to your inner circle and your communication style. You’re good at talking, debating, philosophizing, searching for truths among differing ideas, and unless you’re entirely wrapped up in your own dogma, people feel like they can trust you as a spaceholder and confidant. They want to be part of your crew. You may also be someone who stays in touch with people on multiple continents and has friends with whom you speak different languages. The full moon here will highlight these 3rd house relationships, and the way you balance them in your life. It’s possible people pedestalize you without your consent; it’s also possible you subtly enable that by shifting into guru mode when you’re asked for advice. Guru mode is really a shadow of Sagittarius anywhere in the chart, but because there’s so much communication involved in the 3rd house, this placement (along with Sag in the 9th) is particularly susceptible to it. You’re inherently expansive here, and there’s no point in trying to dim the fire. But if you catch yourself getting righteous about something, breathe into your Libran humility and consider passing the torch.

Scorpio Rising

This full moon is a chance to swell with pride over what belongs to you. Maybe it’s easy for you to feel abundant in your resources right now, or maybe you’ve been struggling; either way, this is a time to focus on what you do have, what you have earned, and imbue it with a seed of the undying faith that belongs to Sagittarius. The 2nd house does include finances and other major assets like the house or car you own, but it also includes your body and everything your body can do and create, and it includes all the small treasures in your life, from photos of ancestors and loved ones, to your favorite cozy sweater, to the food in your fridge. Devote time for gratitude this full moon if you want to expand and upgrade the content of your 2nd house. Neptune’s square, coming from your 5th house of play, pleasure and risk, might indicate some kind of temptation or sketchy circumstances that could throw you off course, so be extra careful around gambling, mind-altering substances, unsafe sex, or other forms of adrenaline/dopamine seeking. You actually truly are lucky with money, and you know how to expand your resources, as long as you don’t sabotage yourself. This full moon may represent a decision point—be sure to choose according to your deepest truth.

Sagittarius Rising

There’s typically only one full moon a year in your first house, so this is a special moment. It may or may not show up as a concrete shift in your life, but there’s a rush of self-belief and self-trust coming in that will nourish your Sagittarian presence, and support you on your journey of expansion and truth-chasing. The moon’s presence here brings your emotions to the surface of your being, making it hard for you to hide anything, from yourself or anyone else. You’re probably not shy in general about what you believe, but as the full moon peaks you might be called to take a stand in a way that requires a new level of widening and courage. You might get called in or out; or you might feel the need to do the same to someone else. Especially in partnership or dating, you might experience conflict between something you know to be true for yourself, and how fully or honestly you’re able to communicate about it. Neptune presents an additional challenge, channeling subconscious patterns from your childhood straight into your energy body. So get ready for big emotions, but trust that they will be accompanied by a renewal of faith. There’s a reason Sag is known as the eternal optimist: you’re a fire that never goes out. This is a good time to own it.

Capricorn Rising

The t-square between the Moon, the Sun, and Neptune in this full moon is causing tension for everyone, but for you it may be the most existential. There’s a part of your Capricorn self that’s a straight-up atheist, no matter what the rest of you believes, and you might have a habit of tempering “magical thinking” by putting limits on your own dreams. You want everything to be pragmatic and actionable, and that makes a lot of sense. However, as the full moon peaks in your 12th house, something is happening beyond the veil—in the realm of the non-linear, the invisible, the energetic. It will be palpable, but also just out of reach, impossible to define. You may feel frustrated around the patterns and routines (or lack thereof) in your daily life, and the full moon might heighten that experience, giving you a yearning for a higher purpose, a big vision to guide your choices. Neptune’s influence, coming from Pisces at the bottom of your chart, could be subtly evoking your childhood or your ancestry. It’s all a little uncomfortable for the Capricorn part of you that wants to have everything under control. But as much as possible, I recommend to surrender disbelief this full moon: believe whatever tf you want to believe, and trust that you are headed in the right direction, even if the universe seems to be taking it all out of your hands.

Aquarius Rising

Everyone knows Aquarius is associated with groups and networks, the way we arrange ourselves in our inherent interconnectedness. If Aquarius is your rising sign, Sagittarius aligns with your 11th house, which is really an ideal positioning for someone who’s passionate about community. You probably tend to have wide circles of friends and feel energized rather than drained by people-filled events like conferences and festivals. You may not be exactly sure what your individual contribution to the group ought to be; maybe you dance between difference creative pursuits and have a hard time going deep with just one. The full moon could highlight that—but it will also give you a rush of enthusiasm and appreciation for your friends, and the communities and cultures you’re a part of. One challenging aspect of your chart is Pisces in your second house. You might not be the best at budgeting or limiting your own spending, and the Neptune square to this full moon is a word of caution around any big investments you’re considering. Your excitement is almost like a high, so take a few days to sober up before you commit to anything long-term.

Pisces Rising

This full moon highlights something that probably has always been both a blessing and a curse: your Sagittarius 10th house. One part of you feels like a born leader—you’re passionate, inspirational, and when you believe in a cause you’ll stand up for it courageously. But you might feel disillusioned with how this has manifested throughout your life, as idealistic visions of professional paths have lost their shine, or you’ve found yourself educated in multiple areas but unsure how to pull it all together. Maybe you feel like your talent is being wasted, and yearn for more of an impact. The truth is that mutability is a big part of your essence, and life may not give you the luxury of one straightforward ladder to climb towards success. This depends a lot on other placements in your natal chart—if you have planets in fixed or cardinal signs, you can use them as anchors to manage that big, always-in-motion energy of the mutable signs. But with a Pisces ascendant and Sagittarius at the top of your chart, the experience of transience could easily dominate your life. You probably wish you could be an artist, and work only when the creative waves wash over you (if you’ve manifested this kind of life—you rock). No matter what, your life’s work will likely be spiritual, creative and unconventional, so let the full moon draw you closer to your innate knowing of your divine mission.

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