August 2022 Aquarius Full Moon Horoscopes

This is an edgy full moon, but after all, it’s an edgy time to be alive.

Full Moon at 19° Aquarius, August 11th, 2022, 8:35pm est

If you’re an astrology fan, you probably already know about the Uranus/North Node conjunction in Taurus. It’s a hugely significant aspect that was in exact alignment on August 1st, but the fallout is really just beginning. It’s about big changes in multiple areas, including food, finances, bodies, values, and survival. This full moon squares Uranus and the North Node, and is also conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. I want to touch quickly on each of these points, because this is a big deal—a peak in our emotions as they relate to the unstoppable changes in our lives.

Aquarius is a big, wide, all-encompassing energy. It’s good at zooming out, seeing the interconnectedness of life, and grasping the fractals along with the whole. In its highest expression, Aquarius brings a reminder of the profound truth that “we are all one.” However, as you may have experienced yourself, there’s a fine line between knowing that “we are all one” and dissociating from the very real differences built into our world, differences that will have to be confronted if we want to heal from millennia of oppression. Aquarius also deeply desires justice, equality, liberty, and democracy—in their authentic forms, not the diseased manifestations we see in society today. So in its essence, this is an idealistic, hopeful full moon, bringing a compassionate reminder of humanity’s highest potentials.

Saturn, Uranus and the nodes add a different dimension, however. Saturn is just two degrees away from the moon and could show up as an experience of feeling unsupported, or of basic needs not being met—maybe putting a damper on the Aquarius idealism. Uranus, squaring the moon, increases the likelihood that circumstances could change quickly and out of the blue. And whatever upgrades the North Node has been bringing to the Taurus area of your natal chart will be highlighted by this full moon, perhaps helping you accept your own accomplishments in your emotional body.

This is an edgy moon, but after all, it’s an edgy time to be alive. Don’t be afraid of the Aquarian paradox, where oneness, difference, interconnection, and independence all peacefully co-exist.

For more info on how this full moon will affect you, check out your rising sign horoscope below (if you don’t know your rising sign, Sun sign should also resonate)!



I wouldn’t be surprised if the past year or so has had huge lessons for you around “fitting in.” There are different realms and levels of fitting in, ranging from the widest (feeling general affinity with a movement or an industry or a societal sector) to the most intimate (those you live with, and intertwine your life with). In the natal chart, wider affinities fit into the eleventh house, while the most intimate, personal connections we have fit into the eighth. You have Aquarius in the eleventh, so since 2021, Saturn may have had you questioning who you want to be associated with in a broad sense. Meanwhile in your eight house, the south node in Scorpio means you’ve likely had to clear out relationships and connections that were reenactments of old, shadowy patterns. The north node and Uranus in Taurus are opening a door to expansion of your own resources, so it’s actually a good time to be drawing back from eighth house style resource-sharing. But what I’m saying is: the astrology looks conflicted, so don’t be surprised if you feel that way, too. Who do you belong with? Who do you belong to? These are eternal questions, brought to the forefront of your awareness by the full moon. You can’t rush the process, but hopefully you can get a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.



Since Saturn entered Aquarius at the end of 2020, you’ve likely gone through a major restructuring around “what you’re doing with you life.” For some it might have been a welcome change, but for others the universe might have pushed you into adjustments or endings you didn’t feel ready for. The full moon is highlighting some truths for you, and giving you a beautiful opportunity for honest clarity around your purpose, the big gift you’re here to offer the world. This is the realm of the tenth house, where Aquarius lies in your natal chart. It’s typically associated with career, but the truth is that not everyone can live their purpose and survive financially in late-stage capitalism. So your authentic tenth house expression may be a mission that hasn’t yet become a “career,” and there’s no shame if it never does. There’s also no shame in wanting it to, but this is where Saturn has probably been stopping you short, bringing in lessons around patience and discipline and maturity. At the same time, Uranus and the north node in your first house are completely reshaping your sense of self, giving you a once in a lifetime chance to liberate your self-expression. Sometimes it’s hard to know what you want to do with your life when who you are keeps changing. As much as you can, try to embrace the contradiction.



Whether you’ve signed up for it or not, the universe these days is giving you an “education.” Saturn transiting Aquarius in your ninth house has probably stimulated your desire to learn, to expand your consciousness in some way. The past year might have included experiences that made you feel undeveloped somehow, whether relating to formal higher education, spiritual practice, multi-cultural awareness, or just your general sense of life purpose. Maybe you’ve undertaken the Saturn work of slowly restructuring your reality, putting in the hours and taking things one day at a time. The full moon could highlight how far you’ve come, and/or how far you have to go. What’s essential to remember, though, is that Uranus and the north node are doing their thing in your twelfth house. That means they’re basically invisible, so for you the transit is a little like a bomb going off somewhere behind the veil. Long-term, it’s a spiritual/karmic upgrade that will eventually bring the ninth house questions of expansion and meaning into focus. In other words, there’s a lot going on that you don’t get to know about yet. While the south node in Scorpio means it might be hard to stick with a routine, a little ritual can go a long way—I recommend doing what you can to regularly clear the karmic debris.



Aquarius is a sign that typically abhors convention. You have it in your eighth house, which means that in your most intimate, invested relationships, you can’t help but needing to do things outside of the norm. Aquarius loves groups, so various forms of polyamory can really appeal to this placement; so can kink and other ways of doing intimacy in community. In your business and creative relationships you might dissolve “normal” boundaries in some ways while maintaining full independence in others. If you’ve been working through these themes the past few years, it’s because of Saturn’s transit to this are of your chart. The full moon brings it up to the forefront of your awareness. Meanwhile, the Taurus activity is shaking things up around who you consider “community,” and the south node in Scorpio is asking you to face shadows from your past, maybe related to possessiveness or obsession. As the moon peaks, you may get the sense that you’re midway through the journey—that’s because, astrologically, you are. When Saturn and the nodes move on in mid-2023, you’ll feel a big pressure release, and a lot more clarity around these interrelated ares of life.



This full moon peaks in your seventh house, highlighting your unconventional approach to relationships, your need for independence in them, and the lessons around conscious boundary-setting that Saturn has been slowly teaching you since the end of 2020. Sometimes a Saturn transit to the seventh house manifests as relationships ending, but we can avoid the harshest experience if we transmute the ending energy into clear but dynamic boundaries. Of course, that’s easier said than done. And this astrology is not only about your relationships, but also your career/homelife axis, which is being activated by the nodes and Uranus. You might feel like so much big stuff is coming up for you, internally and externally, that it’s hard to even know what kind of boundaries you want, much less stick to them with any discipline. (Since the south node in Scorpio is stirring the pot of your family history, this might be an especially good time to go start psychotherapy or work with an ancestral healer.) What I can offer is: trust the process. When these transits end in mid-2023, you’ll be on much more solid ground. If you have a partner who’s slightly fed up with your indecisiveness, maybe you can offer that advice to them as well. 🙂



This full moon brings attention to your habits and routines, whether healthy or unhealthy, and the way you interact with the world as you move through your day. With this placement, you probably like having people around as you go through life, but in a very low-key way. You might be someone who naturally experiments and innovates and thinks outside the box when it comes to health hacks, or fixing things around the house, or other practical, daily applications. Because Saturn has been moving through this area of your chart, bringing a contractive energy and maybe some inconvenient truths, your health might have felt compromised the past year or two. Maybe you’ve had responsibilities added to your daily life, experienced a loss to your routine like a broken-down car, or struggled with your co-workers, or some other aspect of your job. Uranus and the north node in Taurus are calling you to educate yourself, whether through traveling, spiritual exploration, formal education, or some other less-charted route on the human search for meaning. But as you do, you might see parts of your life that clash with the upgraded integrity that comes with learning the truth about the world. Brace yourself for that, but also remember that your path is always yours to choose, even if not everyone agrees with it.



It might not be something everyone knows about you, but you probably have some quirky tastes. You might be into an unusual video/phone game, or role-playing (in bed and/or out), or a collector of something unique or obscure. You might not be into the more conventional things that people do for “fun,” like cheering in unison for a sports team or watching mainstream movies with predictable plot arcs. If this non-conformity is making things difficult for you these days—it’s definitely in the astrology. With Uranus and the north node in your eighth house, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Libra risings are getting married, moving in with partners, receiving inheritances, or making big collaborative business moves right around now (some of them very unexpected). But the full moon is highlighting your fifth house, the area of the chart that represents fun, pleasure, creativity, the inner child, and also actual children in your life. With Aquarius here, you can’t stand conventionality. Because of the square between the Moon and the points in Taurus, it looks like you might want to follow a road less-traveled, while eighth house situations in your life are calling you to stick to a “norm.” No shame if you’re not quite sure what you want at the moment. Just let the full moon give you a glimpse of your own process.



The full moon in Aquarius is bringing in themes of home, family and ancestry for you. It may manifest as something external, an event that relates to your current living situation, but underneath any scarcity, tension, triggers, or boundary/communication issues are other layers of energy and emotions related to childhood, or even deeper, to the ancestors whose spirits are still alive through your body. Saturn’s transit to your fourth house over the past year might have manifested as feeling unsupported in your home/living space, and the full moon might have echoes of that. However there’a s different kind of healing that happens when we take care of ourselves—it’s a part of what some people call “reparenting.” As the full moon peaks, your inner child (the Moon) and your inner parent (Saturn) will be standing together. The south node in your first house is helping you release layers of wounding from the deepest part of your being, and the Uranus north node conjunction in your seventh house indicates that the exact right “others” are showing up to your life to help the process. It’s a good time to step into your Scorpionic depths, staying present as shadows release from different dimensions of your being. Spirit is recommending to be sure you have some time alone.



Aquarius and Sagittarius are both expansive, all-encompassing energies. Neither of them likes to be told what to do, or imposed on in any way. Depending on your placements, in particular the inner planets, this energy may or may not be present everywhere in your life. But you’re guaranteed to notice it amongst your close friends, the inner circle of people you talk to and stay up-to-date with on a regular basis. That’s the third house, where Aquarius lies for you. In general, you probably find it easy to make friends—Aquarius is the kind of energy that makes everyone comfortable, has space for all kinds of quirkiness, and leans away from hierarchy and imbalanced power. The full moon could bring an experience of acceptance and openness in the realm of friendship and local community. However, since Saturn is also mid-transit here, there’s an unavoidable energy of constraint or pressure. You might have been finding it hard to fit in recently, like there’s a scarcity of “your people.” You might also have unsolicited advice coming in, someone trying to “teach” you in a way that activates a fierce protective instinct around your independence. The north node/Uranus conjunction is in your sixth house, pulling you towards healthier long-term habits, so I recommend to lean in there, making the choices that are best for you, whether or not the people around you understand.



Capricorn and Aquarius sit next to each other on the zodiac, but in some ways they are basically opposites. While Capricorn is hierarchical, pragmatic and conformist, Aquarius is decentralized, idealist, and pushes back on any semblance of groupthink. For some Capricorn risings, this makes things tough, because while your Capricorn ambition may desire traditional financial success, your Aquarian second house, where you manage your money and other resources, does not want to play by the rules. You may feel conflicted about how much to give to charity, or how generous to be with friends or family members. One part of you, the Capricorn part, wants to plan and budget and save and build something with your resources—while another part of you, the Aquarius part, wants to give it all away, and maybe even abolish money itself. The full moon is highlighting your relationship with your finances, as well as the bigger questions of what you value and how you meet your basic needs. It’s possible that Saturn’s presence here has brought contractions in your income, or a downsizing of your assets. So this may be a “get real” moment, a time to remove the rose-tinted glasses and look the truth (at least part of which might be your money spreadsheet) in the face.



The full moon peaks in your first house, bringing in a reminder of who you are at the core of yourself. You’re probably going through big changes lately—the nodes are currently crossing the vertical angles of your chart, the top- and bottom-most points, indicating shake-ups in both your private and public life. Because of Uranus and the north node, some Aquarius risings are going through fast changes in their living situations—if this is you, I hope the new situation is an upgrade. If it doesn’t look like that on the surface, give it time. For other Aquarius risings the shift will be most obvious at the top of your chart, where you may be clearing out emotions, memories, and even trauma that has accumulated over the course of your professional life. If you have any skeletons in your closet, they might be coming out. Or maybe you’re seeing the dark side of an industry you avoided looking clearly at before. Whatever’s happening, I hope the experience of this full moon is a balm for any unsteadiness caused by the intense transit to the spine of your chart. You are who you are, no matter what big changes are taking place in your life. Saturn’s presence means it might be challenging to find a deep feeling of confidence in your own identity—but it couldn’t hurt to at least try.



For you, the full moon is a bright light shining behind the veil in your twelfth house, a space where astrology lumps any activity that doesn’t happen on the material plane. This is the space of imagination, dreams, fantasy, trance, and psychedelic exploration. It’s a very easy space to get lost in, especially without training. However, Saturn has been here the past year or so, which makes me wonder if you’ve been learning anything about boundaries and discipline in the psychic realm. As the full moon peaks, it’s likely you’ll feel extra-open, as if your antennas are on alert, picking up thoughts and images and emotions from everyone around you. While it’s true that you’re an empath, there are many ways to take responsibility for what you let into your field. Do you need to speak a protective chant in the morning? Practice breathwork to center yourself? You could carry a grounding stone like obsidian, work with a boundary-oriented herb like yarrow, or make offerings at an ancestral altar—all of these options and more will help you create psychic buffers between your own mind and the rest of the world. Boundaries might not be in your Piscean nature, but this is a moment to accept and honor their necessity.

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