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Spiritual Issues In Disguise

Are Your Physical Or Emotional Issues Actually Spiritual Issues In Disguise?

A medical intuitive says spiritual deficiencies are overlooked in addressing illness and healing

Ireally don’t like labels.

As a person who has had a “mental illness” and who is legally able to assign labels, I know that those labels are frequently inaccurate. Labels can be frightening and limiting. They can cause us to identify ourselves using only those labels, instead of by our amazing characteristics, interests, and talents. They can cause people to be biased against us and treat us a certain way.

When I worked as a Child and Adolescent Therapist, I would evaluate and meet with the child as long as possible before assigning a label for a school record, knowing that studies have shown that teachers often assign easier work and expect less of kids with special education labels, regardless of their intellectual abilities. That is wrong for so many obvious reasons, one of which is that the boredom it inevitably fosters in kids can create behavioral problems, self-fulfilling prophecies, and low self-esteem. Labels can create expectations for ourselves and others that inhibit our true potentials—i.e., if we think we can’t, we can’t.

On the positive side, labels do serve a purpose and can even be comforting. For example, when someone has been sick for a long time and finally discovers the cause, it is a relief to have a diagnosis so that the issue can be accurately treated. I understand that labeling has its place for the reason above, insurance forms, and the like, but what if the labels we have been using don’t adequately describe the situation? I’ve found there is more often than not more to the story.

Heal From Within - Katie Beecher

Katie Beecher’s guidebook to intuitive wellness

In my work as a medical intuitive and as a licensed counselor, I have rarely found a case where my spiritual guides revealed just one root cause for a presenting problem. It is essential to consider physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an issue when it comes to illness and healing. Underlying spiritual factors are the most overlooked when addressing root causes of illnesses, and they are extremely important.

By spiritual root causes, I’m referring to things like the need to be more in touch with intuition, the need to leave a bad relationship or job, start a business, write a book, create art, or something else related to being one’s true self. As I work with people to help understand and accomplish these spiritually based goals, the mental or physical illness more often than not disappears, sometimes without any physical intervention.

Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Dr Bernie Siegel, etc., have all talked about this concept, but before any of them were even born psychiatrist Carl Jung had written many books on the subject. He even had a spiritual awakening disguised as a mental breakdown of his own, chronicled in The Red Book, out of which all of his famous teachings, still used today, were created.

The short version of the story of The Red Book is that at the height of his career, he started seeing visions of bloody rivers with bodies floating in them and other disturbing images. Fearing he was losing his mind, he didn’t tell anyone but bravely set out to embark upon a series of waking meditations, where he subsequently found guides and communicated with them. From these meditations, he painted elaborate pictures and took extensive notes, which he later transferred to script—the result was The Red Book. His family was so afraid that the public would see him as crazy that they wouldn’t allow it to be published until long after his death.

Symptoms are our intuition’s way of talking to us and getting our attention.

There are still people who label Jung as mentally ill, of course, but another group, whose views I ascribe to, don’t agree. Jung’s mother and many other people on her side of the family were said to have had psychic abilities, and just after he began to see these visions, WWI broke out in the same areas he foresaw in his mind. Many people believe that his visions were predicting the war, not that he was mentally ill, and that divine intervention had taken over to send the world his amazing therapeutic theories and techniques, which have gone on to save many lives, including mine.

I believe, not only because it is what my guides tell me but because I have seen it so many times, that symptoms are our intuition’s way of talking to us and getting our attention. We don’t always know what they are trying to say and in some cases never will. Sometimes the situation is complicated, like when a child tragically becomes sick. I am not attempting to make sense of or explain incredibly painful things that frankly no human can. I’m saying that there is more to a situation than just the label it is given.

The concept of physical or emotional illness as a spiritual crisis is why so many people have described seemingly catastrophic events like getting cancer as gifts, because as a result they changed their priorities. They put family before being a workaholic, learned to take better care of themselves, found meditation or a spiritual practice, left a corporate job for one where they felt they were contributing more to society, and/or left abusive relationships. They describe the illness coming first and then the spiritual breakthrough, but what if it is actually the other way around?

This view of illness, accidents, or other difficult situations certainly causes a person to abandon the victim mentality and feel more empowered.

When I talk with my clients, I often learn that they were aware of their unhappiness and need for change before the illness but were too afraid to do anything about it. I believe wholeheartedly that a loving force—the Universe, God, Intuition, whatever you want to call it—created difficult medical symptoms to force spiritual growth. It wasn’t to harm the person, it was out of love.

This view of illness, accidents, or other difficult life situations certainly causes a person to abandon the victim mentality and feel more empowered. It isn’t the way most of society views hardship and certainly isn’t the way traditional medicine views illness, but I think more and more people are becoming open to it. They are taking an active role in their healing and recovery as well as their overall wellness, rather than waiting for things to happen. They are saying no to merely band-aiding with short-term treatments for symptoms only—they are addressing the root.

We don’t have to accept the labels assigned to us by others. We can define ourselves. We can achieve lasting health and happiness by digging to the root causes of issues and proactively preventing future problems.

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Katie Beecher, MS, LPC

Katie BeecherKatie Beecher is an internationally known Medical and Emotional Intuitive and Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 30 years of experience. She is the author of the book Heal From Within (St. Martin’s Press). Learn more at katiebeecher.com.




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