About Wildtimes

Wildtimes is a next generation media collective.

In times of darkness, we shine light.

Our mission is to make sense of our changing world, one conversation at a time.

(If you have a story that you think would add value to our publication, please see our submission guidelines.)

Calling all Visionaries

Wildtimes is for people who, put bluntly, give a fuck.

Our readers are free thinkers, truth-seekers, and thought-leaders who are searching for answers to the new world’s most pressing questions. They are mavericks, visionaries, revolutionaries—the future leaders of our new world, we dare say! (Sound like you? Awesome—read on!)

“The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper, and reimagines the world.” – Malcom Gladwell

In this wild new world we are being ushered into, information is the new commodity as people’s appetite for ‘truth’ reaches revolutionary heights.

With censorship, misinformation, and mistrust in the mainstream media on the rise, it’s time to create new forums where folks can gather, share, and process vital information from diverse viewpoints.

Wildtimes Media is designed to be a platform that hosts safe, nuanced conversations in an era where asking bigger questions and seeking truer truths has become crucial.

Let’s re-imagine the world together, shall we?

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